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 Post subject: Ghost Shot (video)
PostPosted: Wed Sep 25, 2013 9:28 pm 
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And "Why everyone on LW's is a glitcher" (article).

In continued celebration of the meanest, most professional, toughest sons of bitches's 10 years anniversary, here is another video and a short article about ghosting.


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 Post subject: Re: Ghost Shot (video)
PostPosted: Wed Sep 25, 2013 9:35 pm 
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Why everyone on LW's is a glitcher

A "ghost shot" is a shot that is
invisible on the player's screen
while a full animation runs on
others' screen.
Performed by animation skipping
which is a glitch.
Ghost shots can be created
using both jumping and crouching.
Ghosting gives you the advantage
of dodging before other players
and become desynched
appearing to be faster
What crouching does is allow you
to move after shooting sooner,
by breaking an animation.
What froggers do, on ghost jumps,
is move after shooting sooner, by breaking an animation.
Both desynch themselves, both
ghost shots. Both are glitchers

The first night HeAD and me came to VCMP, the first thing we did was go on the LW's server.
Here we got our asses handed to us for several hours by KFJ using one simple move. The ghost jumpshot. In MTA a ghost jumpshot, breaking the animation early, was possible but it would be less "desynched" in that you'd shoot from your feet in midair, rather than totally desynching.
Whereas in VCMP the ghost shot would totally desynch the player and create a shadow.

It was a good night regardlessly, because ironically, as much as they taunted us, said ULK was over the hill, and how we couldn't play and so on, the only thing we actually took note of, was "wait what, they heard of ULK?!"
We didn't know anyone in VCMP but they knew all about us before we even showed up.

Another thing we also found a good deal funny was of course the lack of multi-dimensional fighting, that we'd gotten used to half a decade before them.
And just the whole contrast of me standing there with one of the best players ever, on a server not yet ready to use all guns and scared of heli's, was just another one of those moments where you have to go "jesus f christ, how am I ever going to put ULK into words, without sounding like an over dramatizing, arrogant prick"

We already had respect before even installing the mod, standing there looking at players who hadn't even learned to dodge heli's yet.

And to top it all off, "glitching" wasn't allowed. Which of course is hysterical and a huge joke seeing as every last frogger on LW's was breaking his animations and desynching himself. To this day you can go into the same server and laugh at the same shit, it's still there.

But we had no ill will or bitterness, to this day all we really wanted was good fights that would put us to the test, because only with a equal or better opponent can we reach our full potential and grow.

It was a shame to see, that, of all the froggers who went through LW's, and they were a lot, over the years, they were all glitchers.
And they never learned to fight multi-dimensional, played any wars or showed us anything new.

And from the first day to this one people talked shit about us not knowing a damned thing about anything, while being too scared to fight us.

It's definitely a feeling that's one of the most misunderstood parts about us. If the other team is better than us we welcome the loss, because there in lies the potential to grow and learn.
And then the other side of that coin, is people in trying to compete with us, lied to themselves, lied to others and went the douchebag route, instead of facing reality and try to actually beat our accomplishments, they'd rather try and pretend it didn't happen.

Crying and denying.

The night we fought KFJ we got flat our raped. We had no chance. But we stuck in there, we came back, we learned, we grew and we rose up to the challenge.

We had no fear, no doubts and no matter what we'd take the top spot - not for internet prestige, "public opinion" but out of the love for that one speical split second moment in a fight where time freezes and you feel you can do anything.

And here we are today, as I am typing this not a single team in this whole community has the courage to fight us.

The contrast to that, and the metaphor of everything that has gone down for 10 years, is the people glitching 10,000s of shots every day on LWs, without even realizing it.


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