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 Post subject: Aki log
PostPosted: Tue Sep 10, 2013 10:24 pm 
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Sep 02 14:10:43 <^akiharu> okay
Sep 02 14:10:52 <^akiharu> Zircon's post is the last straw
Sep 02 14:10:56 <{ULK}D> hi
Sep 02 14:11:01 <{ULK}D> relax man
Sep 02 14:11:07 <{ULK}D> it will blow over
Sep 02 14:11:11 <^akiharu> it's okay
Sep 02 14:11:13 <{ULK}D> you know how ulk can be
Sep 02 14:11:23 <{ULK}D> we will get through this
Sep 02 14:11:45 <{ULK}D> i don't want drama over 1 guy
Sep 02 14:11:48 <{ULK}D> tical
Sep 02 14:11:51 <^akiharu> I'm willing to go all out against bishop, zircon and whoever thinks they have any stake in something they did nothing to help build
Sep 02 14:11:53 <{ULK}D> argh
Sep 02 14:12:20 <{ULK}D> this is why i warned you that we should treat the tical thing carefully
Sep 02 14:12:37 <^akiharu> I hate to put you on the spot, but you are really the only one who can acknowledge the anachronistic nature of zircon's point
Sep 02 14:12:39 <{ULK}D> i know you did a lot aki
Sep 02 14:12:57 <^akiharu> if you do not aknowledge that, then I also understand it's okay
Sep 02 14:13:01 <^akiharu> things are cool between us
Sep 02 14:13:07 <{ULK}D> why do you think i am defending you, but also defending bishop i like both of you
Sep 02 14:13:11 <^akiharu> but you've know these guys for over a decade
Sep 02 14:13:14 <^akiharu> it's only fair
Sep 02 14:13:37 <^akiharu> I'm the only one who's putting any effort into reasoning with bishop
Sep 02 14:13:57 <^akiharu> zircon's post is completely uncalled for and wrong
Sep 02 14:14:10 <^akiharu> do you agree or disagree?
Sep 02 14:14:28 <{ULK}D> let me go read what zircon posted
Sep 02 14:16:50 <^akiharu> you've read it
Sep 02 14:17:00 <{ULK}D> reading now
Sep 02 14:17:03 <{ULK}D> 1 sec
Sep 02 14:18:53 <^akiharu> so?
Sep 02 14:18:58 <{ULK}D> ok i do not agree with the second part of what zircon said. I just agree with the council system is still in place
Sep 02 14:19:11 <{ULK}D> so yea i am on your side to a point
Sep 02 14:19:20 <^akiharu> D
Sep 02 14:19:29 <{ULK}D> just not in the political system we use
Sep 02 14:19:29 <^akiharu> no such council exists anymore
Sep 02 14:19:32 <^akiharu> it's okay
Sep 02 14:19:35 <{ULK}D> argh
Sep 02 14:19:51 <^akiharu> I'm going to say this very carefully and to you only because there's no point with others
Sep 02 14:19:59 <^akiharu> carefully and clearly*
Sep 02 14:20:12 <{ULK}D> look me up the thread we voted on changing to every vote counts from council
Sep 02 14:20:51 <{ULK}D> mind you i have no issue with every full ulk member votes
Sep 02 14:20:55 <^akiharu> from this moment on I'm going to do things my way. Some things you may not approve, others you will find to be completely against
Sep 02 14:21:25 <{ULK}D> but we have not voted for having a single leader either aki
Sep 02 14:21:44 <{ULK}D> like i said i am fine with every member having a vote
Sep 02 14:21:45 <^akiharu> every decision we have made so far has been based on majority
Sep 02 14:21:51 <{ULK}D> ok
Sep 02 14:21:54 <^akiharu> there are 2 options here
Sep 02 14:21:55 <{ULK}D> just checking
Sep 02 14:21:57 <^akiharu> majority or council
Sep 02 14:22:05 <^akiharu> single leader isn't even on the table lol
Sep 02 14:22:07 <^akiharu> if you realized
Sep 02 14:22:22 <{ULK}D> ok
Sep 02 14:22:26 <{ULK}D> was worried
Sep 02 14:23:59 <^akiharu> by the way
Sep 02 14:24:08 <^akiharu> you will not find those posts
Sep 02 14:24:31 <^akiharu> I have archived that entire leadership thread and cancelled the poll (which was in my favor might I add)
Sep 02 14:24:56 <^akiharu> but I will however bring up every single post that each of the "old" ULKs have made so far
Sep 02 14:25:15 <^akiharu> essentially the same nonsense zircon is bringing up
Sep 02 14:25:25 <^akiharu> we shall let the new members decide eh?
Sep 02 14:25:42 <{ULK}D> it's not an old vs new issue
Sep 02 14:26:00 <{ULK}D> i consider all members of ulk to be good people
Sep 02 14:26:31 <{ULK}D> we believe the same thing aki
Sep 02 14:27:08 <{ULK}D> just not in the way it's handled, but i am willing to change my view if needed to make sure ULK stays united
Sep 02 14:27:43 <{ULK}D> i do not want arguments that lead to feelings being hurt
Sep 02 14:27:45 <^akiharu> D I don't play games
Sep 02 14:27:52 <{ULK}D> i know that
Sep 02 14:28:09 <^akiharu> I have some very clear principles and my own sense of what is right and wrong (keyword being "my own")
Sep 02 14:28:40 <^akiharu> I also never take any risks
Sep 02 14:28:53 <^akiharu> we can let everyone choose their loyalties
Sep 02 14:29:24 <^akiharu> at this stage, I no longer want to be clan members with Bishop (and whoever the fuck Zircon/joe/incognito is)
Sep 02 14:30:14 <{ULK}D> i understand that
Sep 02 14:30:38 <{ULK}D> let me give you an example
Sep 02 14:30:47 <{ULK}D> the lakers
Sep 02 14:31:03 <{ULK}D> shaq and kobi didn't like each other
Sep 02 14:31:13 <{ULK}D> but did what was best for the team
Sep 02 14:31:22 <{ULK}D> that is all that i am asking for
Sep 02 14:31:27 <{ULK}D> this team is better
Sep 02 14:31:39 <{ULK}D> with both you and bishop
Sep 02 14:31:46 <{ULK}D> even if you don't agree
Sep 02 14:31:54 <{ULK}D> i am looking at the goal
Sep 02 14:32:05 <^akiharu> yeah and D
Sep 02 14:32:06 <{ULK}D> which is to be the best team possible
Sep 02 14:32:09 <^akiharu> let's see how this plays out
Sep 02 14:32:15 <{ULK}D> ok cool
Sep 02 14:32:24 <{ULK}D> just stating
Sep 02 14:33:19 <^akiharu> don't worry about it
Sep 02 14:33:23 <{ULK}D> ok
Sep 02 14:33:34 <{ULK}D> i just don't want it getting out of hand
Sep 02 14:33:44 <{ULK}D> there is no need for it
Sep 02 14:33:45 <^akiharu> it's already too late for that
Sep 02 14:33:51 <{ULK}D> just ignore bishop
Sep 02 14:58:04 <^akiharu> D
Sep 02 14:59:23 <{ULK}D> hi aki
Sep 02 15:01:03 <^akiharu> I feel that i've misled you
Sep 02 15:01:16 <{ULK}D> i don't feel that
Sep 02 15:01:27 <^akiharu> by dont worry about it, I didnt exactly mean it literally
Sep 02 15:01:28 <{ULK}D> you seem to have been honest with me
Sep 02 15:02:40 <{ULK}D> well you know what i want as an end result ulk to remain united
Sep 02 15:02:47 <^akiharu> I am going to do what I can to continue to push my idea of ULK. It is happening this very minute and it is happening so fast I thought I would tell you about it before it becomes reality
Sep 02 15:03:04 <^akiharu> I know very well that you have the best interests of ULK at heart
Sep 02 15:03:13 <^akiharu> and you aren't trying to push any selfish goals whatsoever
Sep 02 15:03:15 <{ULK}D> yes i do
Sep 02 15:03:29 <{ULK}D> i just care about the team
Sep 02 15:04:16 <{ULK}D> as you have seen in the past i vote as fairly as possible
Sep 02 15:04:28 <^akiharu> if I tell you something, I trust that you understand that it's in strict confidence
Sep 02 15:04:33 <{ULK}D> i even will switch my vote if it's the right thing to do
Sep 02 15:04:43 <{ULK}D> i understand
Sep 02 15:04:47 <^akiharu> it's actually okay if you tell others, but I hope that you do not
Sep 02 15:05:08 <^akiharu> if you've noticed I am essentially "consulting" you on this matter, even if it seems that my mind has already been set
Sep 02 15:05:30 <^akiharu> to put it precisely, I am always trying to see if there are any last minute alternatives
Sep 02 15:05:37 <{ULK}D> well you know i try to be fair
Sep 02 15:05:57 <^akiharu> D let me just say it first before comment
Sep 02 15:06:02 <{ULK}D> ok
Sep 02 15:10:31 <^akiharu> I've been preparing for this for the past 4 years. I am going to push for a ULK split. This is rather unfortunate, but it isn't just me. I've come back from the dead more than a couple times to deal with stuff like this. There are many who agree with me, just the same way there could be those who agree with Bishop or the "old ULKs." Don't think I haven't thought this through or I haven't talked to anyhone about this. It is 4 years in the making. Sorry D.
Sep 02 15:11:26 <{ULK}D> argh
Sep 02 15:11:57 <{ULK}D> I don't believe that is a why decision
Sep 02 15:12:01 <{ULK}D> argh
Sep 02 15:12:15 <{ULK}D> I don't believe that is a wise decision*
Sep 02 15:12:23 <{ULK}D> over 1 guy?
Sep 02 15:12:26 <{ULK}D> tical
Sep 02 15:12:29 <{ULK}D> come on
Sep 02 15:12:39 <{ULK}D> how is that logical
Sep 02 15:15:17 <^akiharu> precisely
Sep 02 15:15:22 <^akiharu> I don't care about Tical
Sep 02 15:15:26 <^akiharu> anymore
Sep 02 15:15:49 <^akiharu> I wanted to kick Tical because I thought it would be best for ULK. Clearly there are greater issues at hand.
Sep 02 15:16:03 <{ULK}D> no that's the only issue
Sep 02 15:16:24 <{ULK}D> we are still a united team
Sep 02 15:16:30 <^akiharu> D you know very well
Sep 02 15:16:40 <{ULK}D> just ignore bishop
Sep 02 15:16:54 <{ULK}D> look i consider you a friend
Sep 02 15:17:09 <{ULK}D> i do not want a split
Sep 02 15:17:18 <^akiharu> throughout this whole time when I tried so hard to make ULK #1, bishop and others not only didn't help, they only tried to bring ULK in the opposite direction
Sep 02 15:17:38 <{ULK}D> but he just says things
Sep 02 15:17:39 <^akiharu> every single time they fucked something up, I had to do some emergency PR
Sep 02 15:17:42 <{ULK}D> he never does them
Sep 02 15:17:51 <{ULK}D> this would be doing something
Sep 02 15:17:58 <{ULK}D> which would be negative
Sep 02 15:18:00 <^akiharu> that's essentially how HeAD (yes him) came up with the idea for the leadership vote
Sep 02 15:18:10 <^akiharu> a leadership that is reflective of the present situation
Sep 02 15:18:18 <^akiharu> a leadership that promots accountability
Sep 02 15:18:22 <^akiharu> for everything said and done
Sep 02 15:18:45 <^akiharu> Every word I say every choice I make, I am willing to take responsibility for
Sep 02 15:19:06 <^akiharu> Do you even think this is even slightly true for Bishop?
Sep 02 15:19:12 <^akiharu> maybe even Vinny?
Sep 02 15:20:51 <{ULK}D> ok aki you do remember when we gave you a second chance a year ago that could have caused problems for all of ULK, and not just you
Sep 02 15:21:05 <{ULK}D> you were not kicked or demoted to tlk
Sep 02 15:21:17 <{ULK}D> we gave you a second chance
Sep 02 15:21:38 <{ULK}D> but we did not think we would have issues of this magnitude again
Sep 02 15:21:55 <{ULK}D> again like i said
Sep 02 15:22:04 <{ULK}D> i know HEAD also
Sep 02 15:22:17 <{ULK}D> he would not like what is going on right now either
Sep 02 15:22:30 <{ULK}D> calling for a split is not needed
Sep 02 15:22:43 <{ULK}D> everyone needs to calm down
Sep 02 15:23:09 <{ULK}D> like i said ignore bishop it will blow over
Sep 02 15:42:50 <^akiharu> D
Sep 02 15:43:00 <^akiharu> should I refresh your memory again?
Sep 02 15:43:11 <{ULK}D> hi aki
Sep 02 15:43:19 <^akiharu> there was never even a call to kick me
Sep 02 15:43:20 <^akiharu> moreover
Sep 02 15:43:29 <^akiharu> every single thing I did
Sep 02 15:43:38 <^akiharu> I did it in front of ULK
Sep 02 15:43:51 <^akiharu> I reported every single time I accessed the VU forums
Sep 02 15:43:53 <{ULK}D> on what i know what was stated in private among all the ulk that you did not know about then
Sep 02 15:44:08 <^akiharu> it wasn't as if I suddently got caught
Sep 02 15:44:08 <{ULK}D> go look at the post prontera made
Sep 02 15:44:15 <{ULK}D> that was the end result
Sep 02 15:44:49 <^akiharu> yeah and prontera came back after another year of activity just to make that post
Sep 02 15:44:56 <^akiharu> in fact maybe i called him in
Sep 02 15:44:56 <{ULK}D> we gave you a second chance and you were supposed to change your name to haki, but i know the haki part was a joke
Sep 02 15:45:42 <^akiharu> You do realize that from day 1 everything was reported to the gang
Sep 02 15:46:19 <{ULK}D> we did not know you were going to commit an illegal act
Sep 02 15:46:53 <^akiharu> I don't understand who decided to give me a second chance. Please do not mistake this for being cocky, but did you honestly think that even if a clan wide vote took place with bishop or whoever insisting for reprimand
Sep 02 15:47:00 <^akiharu> a majority would have voted in favor of it?
Sep 02 15:47:28 <^akiharu> i believe not not because of me but because everyone knew about it
Sep 02 15:47:34 <^akiharu> everyone knew about it since 2008 ffs
Sep 02 15:48:13 <^akiharu> I'm pretty sure if you dig deep you can find posts where I share this info and clan members
Sep 02 15:48:23 <^akiharu> complimenting me for my "nice work"
Sep 02 15:48:35 <^akiharu> of course everyone knows its wrong, including myself
Sep 02 15:48:57 <^akiharu> but given such (despite how limited) participation in the process from the very start
Sep 02 15:49:14 <^akiharu> I have a hard time believing a majority would decide in favor of some sort of disciplinary action
Sep 02 15:49:37 <^akiharu> like I said, I am willing to go under the same majority rules policy
Sep 02 15:50:02 <^akiharu> anyone is free to organize a private poll about my membership status
Sep 02 16:02:38 <^akiharu> ah nice
Sep 02 16:02:45 <^akiharu> and now you got prontera to come
Sep 02 16:02:59 <^akiharu> wait dont misunderstand
Sep 02 16:03:02 <^akiharu> that wasn't sarcastic
Sep 02 16:03:04 <{ULK}D> ?
Sep 02 16:03:22 <{ULK}D> well i told him about tical vote
Sep 02 16:03:36 <{ULK}D> he can make up his own mind on the rest
Sep 02 16:04:01 <{ULK}D> like i said before i just want everyone to relax and stay united
Sep 02 16:43:12  ^akiharu has quit (Client exited)
**** ENDING LOGGING AT Mon Sep 02 16:56:18 2013


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